Blessed Benjamín Fernández de Legaria Goñi

Blessed Benjamín Fernández de Legaria GoñiAlso known as

  • Father Teofilo
  • Teofilo Fernández de Legaria Goñi



The son of Tomas, a farmer, and Fermina, a school teacher for over 50 years. He began studying at a junior seminary when he was ten years old, and throughout his school years was known as an excellent student. In 1915 he became a novice in the Picpus Fathers at the San Miguel del Monte convent near Miranda, Spain. He was immediately recognized as an gifted teacher.

Ordained a priest on 22 September 1925, and he earned a doctorate in theology. He worked to continue education in Madrid in the face of rising antiCatholicism in the years leading up to the Spanish Civil War. When the war began, he converted his seminary to a hospital. However, when some Communist militia men arrived with wounded men, they recognized Teofilo as a priest, took him away at gun point, and murdered him soon after. Martyr.





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