Blessed Benedict Daswa

Blessed Benedict DaswaMemorial

Also known as

  • Tshimangadzo Samuel Benedict Daswa
  • Bakali


Married layman in the diocese of Tzaneen, South Africa. Member of the Lemba tribe, called “Black Jews” because they followed Jewish laws and traditions. Converted to Catholicism in 1963 and became very active in the Church. Teacher, catechist and worked with local youth; he combined all these works by checking on students who missed class, and helping their families when money ran low. Helped build the first Catholic church in his area. Principal of his school, popular local leader, and advisor to area civil authorities.

When his village was beset by a series of strong storms in late January 1990, the elders decided it was due to magic, and demanded a tax from all the residents to pay for magic to counter them; Benedict said storms were a natural phenomenon, and he wasn’t paying anything to support antiChristian superstition. Murdered by a mob for refusing to support the witchcraft plan.


  • 16 June 1946 in Mbahe, Limpopo, South Africa as Bakali




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God, into your hands receive my spirit. – Benedict’s last words

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