Blessed Benedetto Sinigardi da Arezzo

detail of an illustration of Blessed Benedetto Sinigardi da Arezzo, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Benedetto Sinigardi
  • Benedict of Arezzo



Born to a wealthy and influential noble family, the son of Thomas de Sinigardo ‘Sinigardi and Countess Elizabeth Tarlati Pietramala, Benedetto received a good education, grew up in a Christian home, and was early drawn to religious life. After hearing Saint Francis of Assisi preach in the Grande Piazza in Arezzo, Italy in 1211, Benedetto became the saint‘s spiritual student, then left the wealthy and worldly life, and joined the Franciscans, receiving the habit from Saint Francis himself. Chosen Franciscan Provincial of the Marches of Ancona, Italy in 1217 at age 27. Feeling a call to work as a missionary, he became a travelling preacher in Romania, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Palestine for 20 years. Assigned by Pope Innocent IV to work in the Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople. Custos of the Holy Land and Franciscan Provincial in 1221. Built the first Franciscan monastery in Constantinople. He returned to Arezzo in 1241 where he retired to live as a prayerful monk at the convent of Poggio del Sole; he spent another 40 years there. Benedetto introduced the singing of a Marian antiphony at the convent; he would ring a bell to announce it was time to do so. The tradition spread throughout the area, and was the basis for the modern Angelus bells and prayer. He wrote on spiritual matters, including the Passion and the Blessed Virgin Mary, but none of this work has survived. Known to the local laity as a miracle worker, popular devotion to him began immediately upon his death.



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