Blessed Balduino of Rieti

detail of a silver reliquary bust of Blessed Baudoin of Rieti containing his skull; date and aritst unknown; cathedral of Rieti, Italy; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Baldovino
  • Baldwin
  • Baudoin
  • Baudouin



Born to a pious noble family, the son of Berardo X, Count of Marsi; his brother Rainaold became abbot of Montecassino Abbey, and created cardinal by Pope Innocent II in 1138. Benedictine Cistercian monk at Clairvaux Abbey. Spiritual student of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Abbot of San Matteo di Montecchio monastery on Lake Montecchio in 1130. Abbot of the Saint-Sauveur monastery in the diocese of Rieti, Italy.




  • an Office with his history was approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in 1701
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