Blessed Augustine Fangi

illustration of Blessed Augustine Fangi, date unknown, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Augustine of Biella
  • Agostino Fangi



Born to wealthy nobility. Joined the Dominicans as a young man, and entered the house in Biella, Italy. Noted for his severe self-imposed penances, and his complete self-control; he once had surgery without anesthetic, and without making an outcry, claming his mind had been on his prayers. Prior of houses in Biella, Socino in 1464, Vercelli, and Vigevano. Miracle worker, whose incidents include

A deformed child, who died without baptism, was restored to life by Augustine’s prayer long enough to be baptized.

Augustine met a little boy who was crying because he had broken a jug of wine. Augustine gathered up the shards and put them back together again, and prayed over it; it refilled with wine.

Through his intercession, a woman was delivered from possession of five devils.

Augustine spent his final ten years in the monastery in Venice, Italy.



  • 22 July 1493 at Venice, Italy of natural causes
  • in the 1530s, workmen found his coffin floating in the water that had seeped into the burial chamber – when opened, Augustine’s body and clothing were found to be incorrupt


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