Blessed Arnulf of Leuven

Also known as

  • Arnulf I
  • Arnulf of Louvain
  • Arnulf of Lovanium
  • Arnolf of Löwen
  • Arnulf of Villers
  • Arnulfus Lovaniensis
  • Arnolfo…
  • Arnoul…



Cistercian monk. Abbot at Villers-la-Ville, Brabant (in modern Belgium) for 10 years. He expanded the abbey, made it a center of piety and mysticism, and compiled the first records of the abbey, covering the years 1146 to 1240. Noted poet. He opposed the scholasticism and formal education system being implemented at the time, and refused to help with the construction of the Saint-Bernard college in Paris, France as he thought the scholastic movement was destroying mystical life. Late in life, he retired from the abbacy to devote his remaining days to prayer and study.



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