Blessed Arnold Reche

Blessed Arnold RecheAlso known as

  • Arnold Jules-Nicolas Rèche
  • Jules Reche
  • Julian-Nicolas Rèche
  • Nicholas-Jules Reche



Son of Claude and Anne Flausset Reche, a poor family in a small village. His father was extremely religious shoemaker, his mother given to fits of depression over their impoverished condition, and Nicholas was one of nine children. He grew up with strong religious values and a fear of sin. Considered the only serious student in his cathechism class, he taught catechism to the younger children. However, when he moved to the Charlesville as a young adult, he began drifting to a more secular life.

He worked as a coachman for a wealthy family, and a mule driver for a contractor building a local church. His aunt, who lived nearby, convinced him to make some changes in his life; Nicholas began to attend classes conducted by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and returned to a life of active and intense prayer. He joined the LaSalle Brothers in 1862 at age 28, taking the name Brother Arnold, and making his final vows in 1871.

He worked as a medic, treating the wounded in the trenches during the Franco-Prussian War, and was awarded the bronze cross for his work. Taught at the Brothers boarding school at Rheims, France; noted as a mediocre teacher of classroom topics, but an outstanding teacher of Christian doctrine. Novice director for the congregation in 1877, a move that got him out of the class rooms where he felt he was a failure. Director general of the house at Courlancy from March 1890 till his death a few months later.





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I recommend to all of my brothers and sisters that they serve God faithfully. Granted, it is sometimes difficult to resist evil and remain virtuous. But with the grace of God that we obtain from prayer we can do anything. All we have to do is to will it. Blessed Arnold Reche

God, it is your word spoken to us in our midst, which binds us to those who have gone before us and to those who are yet to be born. We do not stand alone, but in a history, with men and women like ourselves who have heard your word and said “Yes” to your call. It is you who give us power to hear when you speak to us, it is you who make it possible for us to speak to you in return. May we always welcome the word which you send us and give it flesh in our lives that those who come after us may learn the message of your love from what we do and say. All glory to to you, God, now and evermore! Blessed Arnold Reche

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