Blessed Archangelus Piacentini

detail of antique holy card of Blessed Archangelus PiacentiniAlso known as

  • Arcangelo Placenza



Born to the nobility. Known as a quiet and pious child, it was no surprise when he went to live as a hermit in a cave near the church of Santa Maria dei Giubino in Sicily. His reputation for holiness spread, and the young hermit attracted would-be spiritual students – which caused him to move to Alcamo, Sicily to get away from them. His reputation went with him, and he was asked to restore broken down shelters for the poor in the area. The job finished, Arcangelo returned to his hermitage. However, Pope Martin V, working to restore papal authority, decreed that all hermits in Sicily should join approved religious orders; and so Arcanglo joined the Franciscans in Palermo, receiving the habit from Blessed Matthew of Girgenti. Priest. Assigned to establish a new Franciscan house in Alcamo; he used part of the structures he had helped to restore. He led both his brothers and the laity by his example, supported Franciscans throughout Sicily, turned down the bishopric in Alcamo, and spent his last days helping Blessed Matthew.




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