Blessed Apollinaris of Posat

detail of a 1936 holy card of Blessed Apollinaris of Posat, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Apollinaire from Pozat
  • Apollinaris a Posat
  • Apollinaris Morel von Posat
  • Apollinaris Morel
  • Apollinaris van Posat
  • Apolinary z Posat
  • Jean-Jacques Morel



Educated by the Jesuits. Joined the Capuchins in Zug, Switzerland in 1762. Priest, noted preacher, valued confessor, and instructor of young Capuchin priests. He began studying Eastern languages in Paris, France in 1788 to prepare for missionary work. The French Revolution broke out while he was in Paris. Father Apollinaris refused to take the oath of allegiance to the atheist regime, and was imprisoned in the Carmelite convent in Paris. He worked with and supported his fellow prisoners until his martydom. One of the Martyrs of September.





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