Blessed Antonio Isidoro Arrué Peiró

Blessed Antonio Isidoro Arrué PeiróMemorial


Layman in the Archdiocese of Valencia, Spain. He learned the art of wood carving from his father. Orphaned in 1926 around age 18. He moved from his home town to the city of Zaragoza, Spain where he suffered from depression so severe that he was hospitalized twice.

In 1931, at age 23, he met Blessed Ricardo Gil Barcelón and began helping in his ministry to the poor and at a local tuberculosis hospital. He became known as a serious young man who spoke little, worked hard, and was obviously feeling a call to religious life. He became a postulant of the Sons of Divine Providence, but was unable to formally join due to the political turmoil of the Spanish Civil War. He was arrested with Father Ricardo, held him as he lay dying, and then was murdered by the same antiCatholic anarchist militiamen. Martyr.





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