Blessed Antonio Arribas Hortigüela

Blessed Antonio Arribas HortigüelaMemorial


Student at the minor seminary of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Canet de Mar, Spain, and then joined the congregation on 30 September 1928. Ordained a priest on 6 April 1935. Taught Latin and served as treasurer of the Missionaries‘s school. Known for his exceptional physical strength, he was a father figure to many of the boys in his school. He was captured by Communist militia on 21 July 1936 when the militia men took over the school. He and several brother Missionary priests escaped on the night of 3 August 1936, and tried to make it to France, but were re-captured in the mountains on 28 September 1936, taken by bus to the Pont de Ser, and executed for the crime of being a priest. Martyred in the Spanish Civil War.





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