Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek

photograph of Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek, taken in Vienna, Austria in 1862 just before his death; photographer unknown; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Anton Martin Slomshek



Born to a peasant family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Seminarian at Klagenfurt, Austria. Ordained on 8 September 1824. Parish priest for five years. Spiritual director of the Klagenfurt seminary. Taught the Slovene language to seminarians; because the rulers of the empire spoke German, Slovenian was in danger of disappearing. Prince-bishop of Lavant, Austria (modern Maribor, Slovenia) on 30 May 1846, a diocese with a Slovene majority.

Bishop Slomsek began a campaign of patriotic education. He built new schools, encouraged Slovenian language and culture, wrote textbooks, and edited others. He founded a weekly newspaper, and published his sermons and episcopal statements. Founded the Saint Hermagoras Society publishing house to publish popular works in Slovenian. Today the region is nearly 100% literate, much of it due to Bishop Anton’s good work.





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When I was born, my mother laid me on a bed of straw, and I desire no better pallet when I die, asking only to be in the state of grace and worthy of salvation. Blessed Anton

Teacher and educator, writer and poet, biographer and critic, lover of his mother tongue and fighter for national equality, patriot, speaker and preacher, ecumenical worker and theological teacher of the Slovene people, priest and bishop. Slomsek’s personality is like a mosaic, each stone has its own colour, its own function and size, but all together provide the image of a saint, that is a person who is open to the breath of the Holy Ghost, who prophetically understands the signs of the time and responds to them, who understands how to use all natural and supernatural means to realize the kingdom of God on earth. – Dr Franc Kramberger, Bishop of Maribor, Slovenia, 1999

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