Blessed Anthony of Milan

Also known as

  • Antonio of Milano
  • Anthony Cantoni
  • Anthony Cantoni of Milan



One of three Franciscans assigned to Armenia with a mission to improve the conditions of Christians there, and to bring the faith to any Muslims who were open. In Arzenga, Armenia, on the first Friday in Lent, the group stood in the street and preached Jesus to the people going to prayers. To prevent violence in the street, the local leader ordered a stop to the preaching. The missionaries ignored the order and returned the following Friday. Local Muslims threatened to kill the street preachers, and the council of elders agreed. On the third Friday, the missionaries returned, were arrested, and dragged to the city’s public square. A local Muslim man tried to defend them and spoke against violence, but he was killed on the spot. The mob then turned on the Franciscans, attacking with swords, dismembering the men before finally killing them. Martyr.


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