Blessed Angela Truszkowska

Blessed Angela TruszkowskaAlso known as

  • Maria Angela
  • Mother Mary Angela
  • Sophia Truszkowska
  • Zofia Kamila Truszkowska



Eldest daughter of Joseph and Josephine Truszkowski, Polish nobles. Well educated, Sophia was a pious, and lively youth with a frail constitution. She relocated to Warsaw, Poland in 1837, and attended the Academy of Madame Guerin. Due to respiratory illness, she and her tutor Anastasia moved to Switzerland in 1841 at age 16. On 26 June 1848, at age 23, she had a moment of extraordinary grace that she considered a conversion experience, and which led her to the religious life. Spiritual student of Capuchin Father Honorat Kozminski in 1854. Joined the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in 1855 to help the poor, aged and homeless of Warsaw. Housed homeless children into her own home. In November 1854, she and her cousin Clothilde rented a two-room apartment at 10 Church Street, Nowe Miasto, in Warsaw. There homeless children spent their days in class and Mass, and then stayed the night; it was known as the Institute of Miss Truszkowska. Sophia prayed with the children at the Shrine of Saint Felix of Cantalice in a nearby Capuchin church. People call the kids the “children of Saint Felix” and the women the Sisters of Saint Felix, the Felicians. Thus was founded the Felician Sisters who are devoted to service to the poor, orphaned, sick and elderly. In 1855 Sophia and Clothilde become Franciscan tertiaries, Sophia taking the name Angela. She was forced to withdraw as its leader due to increasing deafness.






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Help all without discrimination, friend and foe alike. Everyone is our neighbor. Mother Angela Truszkowska

God, our Father, you graced Blessed Mary Angela with a living faith and boundless love which she manifested in complete surrender to your divine will. By her prayers and witness may we strive to seek, to accept, and to fulfill your will in all circumstances of our lives. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. – approved by the Congregation for Divine Worship, 25 March 1993

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