Blessed Ángel Hernández-Ranera De Diego



Second of four children born to Felix and Manuela, a poor but pious family; Ángel was baptized at the age of one day. While an altar-boy, he began serving as sacristan at the Conceptionist monastery in Pastrana, Spain. Studied with Franciscans from 1890 to 1892. Joined the Franciscan Friars Minor at age 16, making his first profession at the monastery of Saint Pasquale in Pastrana on 29 October 1893 and his solemn profession in Consuegra, Spain on 5 June 1897. Ordained on 9 June 1900. Served in the convents of Almagro and Almansa, and then on 6 January 1906 he set sail from Barcelona, Spain to serve as a missionary in the Philippines; he served there for 23 years. He built or re-built churches, organized schools and choirs, founded lay associations, and was a spritual dirctor to Franciscan tertiaries. Returning to Spain on 25 July 1929, he taught from 1929 to 1932 at the seminary in Alcazar, Spain, and three more at Quintanarde la Orden, and then in Consuegra. He was known as a pious and prayerful priest who used the confessional for spiritual direction. Martyred in the Spanish Civil War.





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