Blessed Andrew the Catechist

Blessed Andrew the CatechistAlso known as

  • Andrew of Phuù Yeân
  • Anrê of Phú Yên



Son of a devoutly Christian mother, Anrê was baptized at age 15 by Jesuit missionary Father Alexandre de Rhodes. Andrew became a catechist a year later. In 1643, with other catechists, he made a vow to serve the Church for the rest of his life. In 1644 he was arrested and beaten, the king having ordered a halt to Christianity and forbidding natives to join the religion. Andrew was offered a release by Mandarin Ong Nghe Bo if he would renounce the faith; he declined. Condemned on 26 July 1644, and executed the next day. Andrew was the first Vietnamese martyr.

Father de Rhodes retrieved the body and shipped it to Macao for burial. When the transport ship was attacked by pirates, it struck a rock, and a hole was torn in the hull. A large stone rolled into the gap, held out the water, and the ship was able to deliver its cargo.





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