Blessed Andrew of Segni

Blessed Andrew of SegniAlso known as

  • Andrew of Conti
  • Andrew of Anagni
  • Andrew of Comitibus



Member of the royal family of Anagni, Italy. Nephew of Pope Alexander IV. Franciscan lay-brother. Hermit in the Apennines mountains in Italy. Known as a mystic, he was routinely visited and attacked by demons his whole life. Pope Boniface VIII wished to make him a cardinal, but Andrew declined, citing his inadequacy and his love of solitude.





Additional Information


He was very compassionate, and his general tenderness extended eveh to animals. One day he was ill, and his friends brought him some little birds, killed in shooting, in order to tempt him to eat, when the Saint felt sorry for the poor little creatures lying lifeless and bleeding before him. He made the sign of the cross over them, and prayed God to receive them. As soon as he had finished his prayer, the birds began to move, spread their wings, and flew away. – from “The Little Bollandists” by Monsignor Paul Guérin, 1882

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