Blessed Amadeus of Lausanne

Blessed Amadeus of LausanneAlso known as

  • Amadeus von Lausanne



Son of Blessed Amadeus of Clermont. Member of the royal family of Franconia. Educated at the monasteries at Bonnevaux and Cluny in France. Courtier in the household of King Henry V of Savoy and Burgundy. Cistercian monk at Clairvaux Abbey in 1124 under the direction of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Abbot of Ilautecombe abbey, Savoy in 1139. Though he protested his inadequacy, he was chosen bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland in 1144. He worked for reform in the violent, disturbed diocese, both in the clergy and laity. Co-regent for and teacher of Duke Blessed Humbert of Savoy. Chancellor of Burgundy, appointed by Frederick Barbarossa. Several of his homilies have survived to today.





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For she was full of grace and blessed among women. She alone merited to conceive the true God of true God, whom as a virgin, she brought forth, to whom as a virgin she gave milk, fondling him in her lap, and in all things she waited upon him with loving care. – Amadeus of Lausanne, De Beatae Virginis Obitu, Assumptione in Caelum Exaltatione ad Filii Dexteram

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