Blessed Aimée-Adèle le Bouteiller

Blessed Aimée-Adèle le BouteillerAlso known as

  • Amata Adele
  • Marta
  • Martha
  • Marthe



Third of four children of Andrea and Maria Francesca le Bouteiller Morel; the family were farmers and linen weavers, and her father died of tuberculosis when she was only 10 years old. Around age 20 she went to work as a maid. Aimee joined the Sisters of the Christian Schools of Mercy at the Abbey of Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte on 19 March 1841 and made her profession on 14 September 1842, taking the name Sister Martha; her novice mistress was Blessed Placide Viel. Martha worked in the kitchen, the fields, the wine cellar, caring for her sisters and guests at the house, serving 250 people a day during peace time, 500 a day during war, serving them drink and encouraging their faith. Legend says that her prayers insured that the cellars never ran dry.





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