Blessed Adolph Kolping

Blessed Adolph KolpingAlso known as

  • Father of All Apprentices
  • Apostle of Working Men



Son of a poor shepherd. Apprenticed to a shoemaker. Studied in Munich, Bonn and Cologne in Germany. Ordained on 10 April 1845. Chaplain of Saint Laurentius parish, Elberfeld, Germany from 1845 to 1849. Founded several Catholic apprentice associations, one of which became the International Kolping Society with all its national and local organizations. Worked to improve the physical and spiritual lives of craftsmen and their apprentices. Worked with youth, and to improve family life. Vicar of the cathedral in Cologne. Rector of Saint Maria Empfängnis Church, Cologne in 1862.






Almighty, everlasting God! You gave us Blessed Adolph Kolping as an intercessor and role model. His life found fulfilment in his concern for the young people in religious and social difficulties. For many he was an untiring pastor, a fatherly advisor, a patient teacher and a true friend. He set us an example in his love for your Son. In his loyalty to the Church he is an exemplary role model for us. His concern was to understand work, family and society in the light of our faith. He considered helping one another within the community to be the expression of the Christian love for one’s neighbour. From the Holy Scripture, the sacraments and prayer he drew the strength to create a movement that is to serve You and mankind. At all times you have called us to help establish your kingdom. We therefore beseech you: help us work together to overcome poverty, injustice and hopelessness. Through the intercession of Blessed Adolph Kolping, help us to defend human life and protect marriage and family. As members of the International Kolping Society in the community of your Church let us be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Fulfill our hope of being able to honour Adolph Kolping as a Saint throughout the whole church in all languages and nations. Let us, through faith, hope and love, work towards bringing your kingdom in this world, just as Adolph Kolping did. This we ask of You, through Christ, our Lord. Amen. – prayer for the canonization of Blessed Adolph

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