Blessed Adalbert III of Salzburg



Son of King Ladislas II of Bohemia and Gertrude of Austria; grand-son of Emperor Henry IV. Norbertine monk. Canon of the Stahov monastery. Deacon. Archbishop of Salzburg, Austria in 1168. The position included secular power as well as ecclesiastical, and Adalbert began exercising his authority without formal approval of the Emperor. The Emperor considered this an offense, and briefly replaced Adalbert as bishop. Adalbert struggled to regain his authority, and to win allies he unlawfully gave away Church property; his priests petitioned for a new election for archbishop, but Pope Alexander III supported Adalbert. Through a series of political maneuvers, Adalbert managed to keep his see until formally deposed in May 1174. Re-elected Archbishop of Salzburg on 19 September 1183, this time with the emperor’s support, and this time he held the see until his death, this time taking seriously his duties as shepherd of the Church and parishioners.




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