Blessed Adalbero of Liège

Also known as

  • Adalbero of Louvain
  • Alberon…



Born to the nobility. Brother of Count Godfrey Le Barbu of Louvain. Priest. Canon of Metz, France. PrinceBishop of Liège, Belgium in 1123. Founded the abbey of Saint-Gilles near Liege.



  • 1 January 1128 of natural causes
  • buried at the foot of the altar in the church of the abbey of Saint-Gilles
  • original tomb-stone destroyed when the church was burned by William of Orange in 1568
  • new tomb-stone emplaced during renovations in 1646, but later covered by other construction
  • grave and tomb-stone re-discovered during church renovations in 1892
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