Bishop Richard Challoner

detail of an 18th century painting of Bishop Richard Challoner, artist unknownProfile

Born of Protestant parents, he was received into the Catholic Church at the age of 13, and educated at Douai, where he was later professor and vice-president. He was ordained a deacon on 9 March 1716, and then a priest on 28 March 1716. He returned to England in 1730 and worked in the missions in London. Named Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of the London District and Titular Bishop of Doberus on 12 September 1739. Vicar Apostolic on London on 22 September 1758. As administrator he founded schools, instituted conferences among the London clergy, and aided the relief of the poor and aged. He was forced by the antiCatholic laws of England to spend his life in hiding, and with difficulty escaped Protestant informers. He wrote, translated and edited many religious books and prepared a revised edition of the Douay Bible and Rheims New Testament which became the default English version of the Bible for centuries.



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