Bishop Edward Dominic Fenwick

Bishop Edward Dominic FenwickAlso known as

  • Apostle of Ohio


First Bishop of Cincinnati, Ohio; brother of Bishop Benedict Joseph Fenwick. His ancestors settled in Maryland with Leonard Calvert. Having joined the Dominicans at Bornheim, Belgium, he became the founder of the order in the United States, establishing Saint Rose’s Convent in Washington County, Kentucky, 1806. Here Saint Thomas College was opened in 1807. He resigned as superior in 1814 to do missionary work in Ohio. In 1818 he built Saint Joseph’s, near Somerset, the first church in Ohio, with a Dominican convent nearby. Named Bishop of Cincinnati in 1821, he was consecrated on 13 January 1822 at Saint Rose’s, by Bishop Flaget. His diocese included Ohio, Michigan and the Northwest Territory. Having moved Christ Church, a small plank structure, from the outskirts of Cincinnati to the site of the present Saint Francis Xavier’s College, and started a seminary, he went abroad for funds. On his return he laid the corner-stone of old Saint Peter’s Cathedral, 1826, and by 1829 opened the Athenaeum, a college and seminary, dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier. In 1831 he founded the “Catholic Telegraph.” He was stricken with cholera in the midst of one of his many missionary journeys through his diocese.



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