Bishop Charles Walmesley

Bishop Charles WalmesleyAlso known as

  • Signor Pastorino (pen name)
  • Signor Pastorini (pen name)


Youngest of seven sons born to John Walmesly. Educated at the English Benedictine Abbey in Douai, France. Ordained a priest at Saint Gregory’s, Douai, archdiocese of Cambrai, France on 28 September 1738. Made his profession as a Benedictine on 29 September 1739. Earned his doctorate in theology from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Noted astronomer and mathematician; member of the Royal Society of London, England and the equivalent groups in Paris, Berlin, Germany and Bologna, Italy. Prior of Saint Edmund’s Priory in Paris from 1749 to 1753. Procurator general of the English Benedictine Congregation in Rome, Italy in 1754. Chosen Co-adjutor Vicar Apostolic of Western District, England and Titular Bishop of Ramata on 15 June 1756 by Pope Benedict XIV; he became the Vicar Apostolic on 11 July 1763. Helped organize opposition to the oath of loyalty demanded of Catholics by King George III in 1789. Late in life, he lost his hearing. Known for predicting the downfall of Protestantism and the triumphant emergence of the Catholic Church.


  • 13 January 1722 at Wigan Lane House, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire, Vicariate Apostolic of Northern District, England


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