Bishop Antonij Iosifovich Maleckij

Bishop Antonij Iosifovich MaleckijAlso known as

  • Don Bosco of Saint Petersburg


Graduated from the Saint Petersburg Theological Seminary in Russia. Ordained a priest in 1884. In 1896, he organized the Boys’ Refuge and the first Polish gymnasium, a type of high school. He was arrested in March 1923 during an antiChristian persecution, and sentenced to three years in prison. He returned to Leningrad (Saint Petersburg in January 1926. Chosen Apostolic administrator of Saint Petersburg on 13 May 1926. Arrested again in November 1930, this time he was exiled to Siberia. After much lobbying by international organizations, he was released and allowed to seek medical help in Poland for the severe health problems he had developed. He continued his pastoral duties, but never really recovered and died in 1935. His Cause for Canonization as a martyr has opened.



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