New Catholic Dictionary – Baruch


  • Hebrew: blessed


Prophet of the Old Testament, disciple of Jeremias, and author of the Book of Baruch. He lived during the days of the decline and fall of the Kingdom of Juda, and, like Jeremias, was desolated at the prospect of the subjugation of Juda by Babylon. He was forced into the office of prophesying failure upon the dismal statesmanship of the kings of Juda. He warned them against provoking a foe whom they could not withstand; and, when they had fallen into captivity with the best of their people, he warned the remnant to cease arousing Babylon and place their trust in God. He continued consistently to bear witness against the melancholy unfaithfulness of the Jews and to point to the day when Jerusalem, purged by penitence, should rise from her desolation and reclaim her scattered children.

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