Baring-Gould’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Pega, Virgin

Saint Pega of PeakirkArticle

(about A.D. 718)

[English Martyrologies. Authorities: Felix of Croyland, Florence of Worcester, Ordericus Vitalis, lib. iv. c. 17.]

Saint Pega was the sister of Saint Guthlac of Croyland, and though of the royal blood of the Mercian kings, forsook the world and led a retired life in the country, where now stands Peakirk, in Northamptonshire.

“There Pega, Saint Guthlacs sister, was for a long time a servant of the Lord. After her brother’s death, she used all her endeavours to wear out her life for the love of Christ, by still severer austerities. She, therefore, undertook a pilgrimage to Rome, to pray at the threshold of the holy Apostles, for herself and her kinsfolk, and she there triumphantly departed, on the sixth of the ides (8th) of January.”

Saint Pega, called in Northamptonshire Saint Pee, is not to be confounded with Saint Bega, or Saint Bees, who is commemorated on September 8th.

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