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Federal republic of central Europe. Austria was included in the Roman provinces of Rhaetia, Noricum, and Pannonia, and received Christianity with Roman civilization, but after the fall of the Empire was overrun by wild Slavonic tribes. Re-established as the East Realm or Osterreich of the Holy Roman Empire, it was closely associated with Bavaria and converted to Christianity by Saint Rupert of Worms. It was reduced to a small republic after its defeat in World War I. Following annexation by Nazi Germany in 1938 and subsequent occupation by the victorious Allies in 1945, Austria‘s status remained unclear utnil a treaty signed in 1955 ended the occupation, recognized Austria‘s independence, and forbade unification with Germany. A prosperous, democratic country, Austria entered the European Union in 1999. The people are over 78% Christian, 95% of those being Catholic.

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