Athanasian Creed


One of the ecclesiastically approved formularies of faith which contains a brief but philosophically exact summary of the fundamental doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation together with a cursory reference to other dogmas. Shortly after the 5th century it was quite generally accepted both in the East and West. Nothing certain is known as to its origin and time of composition. For about ten centuries Saint Athanasius of Alexandria was erroneously taken to be its author. Since 1644, however, scholars regard it as being of Western origin. Nevertheless, the creed undoubtedly owes its existence to Athanasian influences, for it contains a clear and succinct statement of his doctrine on the dogmas mentioned above. Some think it originated during the second half of the 4th century, while others assign it to the 5th. The Church enjoins its recitation at Prime on certain Sundays of the year. It is accepted by orthodox Protestants.

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