• Greek: astron, star; nomos, distributing


The science which treats of the motions, positions, constitution, and relations of the heavenly bodies and of the earth in its relation to them. Valuable contributions to the science have been made by Catholics and other Christians.

Noted Catholic Astronomers

  • Giovanni Domenico Cassini
  • Mary Agnes Clerke
  • Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Andrew Claude de la Chevois Crommelin
  • Francesco Denza
  • Joseph Epping
  • Herve Auguste Etienne Albans Faye
  • Galileo Galilei
  • Edward Heis
  • Johann Von Lamont
  • Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier
  • Giuseppe Piazzi
  • Lorenzo Respighi
  • Giovanni Sante Gasparo Santini
  • Christoph Scheiner, S.J.
  • Pietro Angelo Secchi, S.J.
  • Wilhelm Tempel
  • Francesco de Vico, S.J.

Other Christian Astronoers

  • Johann Bayer
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
  • Tycho Brahe
  • Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane
  • Johann Franze Encke
  • John Flamsteed
  • Sir William Herschel
  • Sir John Frederick William Herschel
  • Johann Hevelius
  • Sir William Huggins
  • Johann Kepler
  • Joseph Louis Lagrange
  • Canon A. Stark

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