Archconfraternity of the Holy Family


Begun on Whit Monday, 1814, at Liege, in Belgium, this pious Association was approved by his Holiness Pius IX, 20 April 1817; enriched by him with many spiritual favours, and raised to the dignity of an Archconfraternity. Its object is to honour the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and to give to the faithful of every age, sex, and condition powerful means of advancing securely in the way of salvation. The means employed by this association to attain this sublime and useful end are prayer, the singing of devout hymns, the preaching of the Word of God, and the frequentation of the Sacraments. The members are to meet in the Church once a week at the time appointed by the director. They are divided into different sections, each section having at its head a prefect and sub-prefect. The director should also select from among the members one or more secretaries and a prefect general, where it may be expedient, to assist him in the working of the association. The obligations contracted by the members are altogether obligations of love: in general, they must live as good Christians, each one according to his state of life; they must avoid bad company, dangerous places of amusement, and all that may lead into sin; they should also be most punctual in their attendance at the weekly meetings and at the monthly general communion of the members. A faithful member of the Holy Family may, besides gaining all the Indulgences hereafter mentioned, securely and confidently expect the grace of a holy and happy death, in the company of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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