Archbishop Juan de Zumarraga

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Franciscan. First Bishop of Mexico. As he had only the title of bishop-elect and Protector of the Indians, when he left Spain for Mexico in 1528, his first years were marred by the disastrous administration of Nuiio de Guzman and the auditors, Matienzo and Delgadillo. After his consecration in Spain, in 1533, he returned to Mexico only to be involved in several difficulties concerning baptism, marriage, and the position of the regulars. He secured the modification of the “Nuevas Leyes,” thus saving Mexico from a bloody civil struggle. To him is due the school for Indian girls, the famous Colegio Tlaltelolco and the introduction of the printing press in the New World.


  • 1468, Durango, Basque provinces in modern Spain


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