Archbishop Johannes Zwijsen

Archbishop Johannes Zwijsen, late 19th century; photographer unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Johannes Zwysen


Ordained on 19 January 1817. Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of s’Hertogenbosch (Bois-le-Duc), Netherlands and Titular Bishop of Gerrha on 24 January 1842. Apostolic vicar of the Dutch Mission in 1847. Archbishop of Utrecht, Netherlands from 4 March 1852 to 13 March 1868; he was the first after the re-establishment of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the Netherlands. Administrator of the diocese of s’Hertogenbosch (Bois-le-Duc) on 13 March 1868, a position he held until his death. He was an able and energetic administrator, and worked endlessly to restore the associations, orders, schools and other organizations required for an active Church.



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