Archbishop Arnaud Amalric

Archbishop Arnaud AmalricAlso known as

  • Arnaud Almeric
  • Arnaud Amalarico
  • Arnaud Amalrico
  • Arnaud Amaury
  • Arnaud of Citeaux
  • Arnaud of Narbonne
  • Arnald…
  • Arnaldo…


Cistercian monk at Citeaux Abbey near Dijon, France. Abbot of Poblet Abbey in Barcelona, Spain from 1196 to 1198. Abbot of Grandselve Abbey at Bouillac, France from 1198 to 1202. A champion of orthodox Christianity, he preached against all heresy. Apostolic legate and inquisitor for Pope Innocent III in 1204. Preaching against the Albigensian heresy, he was part of the Crusades against them in 1209, and led the reforms to the region after their defeat. Archbishop of Narbonne, France in 1212. Travelled with the army that defeated the Moors at Las Navas de Tolosa, Spain and reclaimed that section of the country for Christianity in the reconquista.



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