Archbishop Alban Goodier

Archbishop Alban GoodierProfile

Educated at Stonyhurst College, London University, Saint Beuno’s College and Tronchiennes, Belgium. Joined the Jesuits at Manresa House, Roehampton, England on 7 September 1887, and made his solemn profession in 1906. Taught rhetoric and syntax at Stonyhurst College from 1894 to 1900. Ordained a priest on 20 September 1903. Supervised young Jesuit students at Manresa. In 1915 he was called on to manage the wartime crisis at the Jesuit Bombay University when all the German Jesuit staff were forced to withdraw from the school. Chosen archbishop of Bombay, India on 15 December 1919, serving till 1 October 1926. Known as a practical administrator and supporter of the charities in his region. Administrator of the diocese of Poona, India in 1924. Titular Archbishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia on 1 October 1926. Jesuit auxiliary in London, he devoted himself to writing, preaching and giving retreats.



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