• Greek: anti, against; nomos, law


In his classic analysis of the historical significance of the Catholic Church, Charles Stanton Devas enumerates and explains away ten of its apparent contradictions or inconsistencies:

The Church appears in opposition to intellectual civilization and yet to foster it.

The Church appears in opposition to material civilization and yet to foster it.

The Church represents a religion of sorrow and yet of gladness; teaches a morality which is austere and yet joyful.

The Church appears the opponent and yet the support of the State; its rival and yet its ally.

The Church upholds the equality of men and yet the inequality of property and power.

The Church is full of scandals and yet all holy; proclaims a law at once difficult and yet easy.

The Church upholds and yet opposes religious freedom and liberty of conscience.

The Church is one and yet Christendom has ever been divided.

The Church is ever the same and yet ever changing.

The Church is ever being defeated and yet ever victorious.

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