• Greek: resurrection


Church of the, Jerusalem, erected over the Holy Sepulcher by Emperor Constantine I. It was razed by the Persians, 614, and restored by Modestus, Abbot of Saint Theodosius, c.626. Its destruction, 1010, by Hakin, Caliph of Egypt, was an incentive to the First Crusade. Rebuilt by Constantine IX, 1048, it was incorporated in the French-Romanesque cathedral of the Crusaders, 1168. In the fire of 1808 the rotunda fell in upon the Sepulcher and the Orthodox Church obtained from the Turkish government exclusive permission to restore it. A new church, built by a Greek architect, was dedicated in 1810. The dome was rebuilt by France, Russia, and Turkey, 1868. In the middle of the rotunda is the Tomb of Christ. The church is used in turn by Catholics, and various Eastern schismatics.

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