Amadeus VIII

illustration of anti-pope Amadeus VIII; swiped from WikipediaDerivation

  • Latin: love God

Also known as

  • Felix V


Duke of Savoy. Anti-pope with the name Felix V from 5 November 1439 to 7 April 1449. Married to Mary of Burgundy, with whom he had nine children; she died in 1422. In 1439 he appointed his son regent of his duchy, and withdrew to Ripaille on the Lake of Geneva, where he formed the semi-monastic Order of Saint Maurice. He was chosen pope by the schismatical Council of Basel on 5 November 1439, and crowned there in 1440. Excommunicated by Pope Eugene IV, he received only local recognition. In 1449 he submitted to Pope Nicholas V, thus ending the last papal schism, and was made a cardinal.



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