Abraham the Patriarch

statue of Abraham the Patriarch; the logs at his right foot are for the sacrifice of his son Isaac, whose statue is nearby; 1754 by Gian Maria Morlaiter; Our Lady of the Rosary Jesuit Church, Venice, Italy; photographed on 4 September 2012 by Dick Stracke; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Abram



Old Testament patriarch. Married to Sarah. Founder of the Hebrew nation. Father of all believers in the true God. At God’s command he moved from his native Chaldea to Canaan. Nomadic shepherd. Reported to have lived to age 175.


  • at Ur, Chaldea as Abram


  • c.1700 BC of natural causes



  • bearded old man offering food to three angels
  • bearded old man holding a blanket containing small people representing the souls of all believers saved since his first reaction to God
  • with Isaac the Patriarch
  • with a pile of fire wood for making a sacrifice

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