A Year with the Saints – 8 October


Let us endeavor to conceive a very great diffidence of ourselves, and to establish ourselves firmly in this virtue; for, of ourselves we are good for nothing, except to spoil the designs of God. This will keep us in entire dependence upon His guidance and make us have recourse constantly to His help. Saint Vincent de Paul

The venerable Father Daponte said of himself that those things that frequently furnish a motive for dejection, such as human frailty, or one’s own weakness and sins, rather produced in him a greater confidence, for he fixed his eyes upon the goodness and mercy of God, to Whom he had entirely committed himself and his interests.

Saint Vincent, King of Bohemia, was asked how he felt when his army had been routed and he himself had been taken prisoner. He replied: “I never felt more encouraged than I do now. When I was well provided with human aids, I had not time to think of God. Now that I am quite destitute of them all, I think only of God, and that He will not abandon me.”

Saint Philip Neri exhorted his penitents to follow his example in sometimes saying to God: “O Lord, do not leave anything to me, for if Thou help me not, I shall surely fail”; or, “O Lord, expect nothing from me!” He also said that in speaking of future contingencies, we ought never to say, “I shall do”, or “I shall say”; but rather, with humility, “I know what I ought to do or say, but I do not know what I shall do or say.”

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