A Year with the Saints – 6 April


O ye souls who wish to go on with so much safety and consolation, if you knew how pleasing to God is suffering, and how much it helps in acquiring other good things, you would never seek consolation in anything; but you would rather look upon it as a great happiness to bear the Cross after the Lord. – Saint John of the Cross

Blessed William the Abbot saw, one night in a dream, some Angels who were weaving a crown of marvellous richness and beauty; and when he asked them for whom they were making it, they said that it was for him, and would be finished when he had suffered enough.

Saint Gertrude once prayed the Lord, at the time of the Carnival, to show her some special service pleasing to Him that she might perform on those three days, on which He had to suffer so many insults from the world. The Lord made her this reply: “My daughter, you will never be able to do Me a greater service at any time than bearing patiently, in honor of My Passion, whatever tribulation may come to you, whether it be interior or exterior, always forcing yourself to do all those things that are most contrary to your desires.”

The Lord appeared one day to Saint Teresa and addressed her thus: “Know that those souls are most pleasing to My Heavenly Father, that are tried by the very greatest afflictions and sufferings!” From that time, the Saint conceived such a love for suffering that she found no consolation but in bearing it; and when she was without any trouble, she was disquieted, and even said that she would not have exchanged her trials for all the treasures in the world; and she often had upon her lips those beautiful words, “To suffer, or to die.” After her death, she appeared to one of the Sisters, and revealed to her that she was rewarded in Heaven for nothing so much as for the contradiction she had suffered in life, and that if she could wish to return to earth for any reason, the only one would be that she might suffer something.

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