A Year with the Saints – 5 August


Endeavor not to appear singular, but to be so. This is done by leading, in all respects, the common life, doing all things that are enjoined, but with exactness in the time, place, and manner prescribed. We must do common things not in a common matter, but in a manner more sublime and perfect than that in which they are commonly done. This is to appear externally like all the rest, and to be interiorly singular, which is a greater virtue and a treasure of merit. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

This great praise is given to the same Saint himself: “In ordinary things he was not ordinary.” It is said of Saint Francis de Sales that he was the most exact of men – not only at the altar and in choir, where he observed even the smallest ceremonies punctually and faithfully, but also in private, in reciting the Office and in all his duties.

MLA Citation