A Year with the Saints – 5 April


If anyone, O Lord does Thee a service, Thou repayest him by some trial. Oh, what an inestimable reward is this for those who truly love Thee, if it might be given them to know its value! – Saint Teresa of Avila

When the venerable Marco di Palfox saw that after he had done a good work, some tribulation, reproach, or calumny came upon him, he considered this as a special favor from the Lord; “For,” he said, “as I receive no reward in this world, it is a sign that God means to reward me fully in Heaven.”

The Lord once appeared to the blessed Clara di Montefalco and offered her for a gift a cross which hung from His neck. The Saint received the present with the greatest consolation; and there was then impressed upon her heart an image of the crucifix, of the size of a finger. She preserved this so well that, in her last agony, when one of the nuns was looking for a cross upon the bed, she said to her, “Take my heart, for you will find the crucifix there.” In fact, it was found there after her death.

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