A Year with the Saints – 4 November


When a soul that truly loves God knows that a thing is of greater perfection, and more for God’s service, it pursues it immediately and without difficulty, on account of the pleasure it finds in pleasing Him. Ah my God, what else is needed but to love Thee truly, and truly abandon everything for Thy love, for then Thou wilt render all easy! Saint Teresa of Avila

Such was the conduct of Saint Teresa herself, and so she once said: “Though I desired the new reform (of the Carmelite Order), that I might be apart from everything and follow my vocation with more perfection; yet I desired it in such a way that if I had clearly perceived it was more for God’s service to abandon it, I should certainly have done so with perfect peace and tranquillity. For when I am sure that a thing is more perfect and more for God’s service, I am at rest; and in the contentment which I experience in pleasing Him, I instantly lose the pain of leaving something which had given me satisfaction.” This was so true that in order never to fail in it, she wished to bind herself by a vow to do whatever she might know to be most perfect and most pleasing to the Lord.

A similar vow was also taken by Saint Andrew Avellino and by Saint Jane Frances de Chantal.

In regard to Saint Ignatius Loyola, it is well known that he sought in everything not only the glory of God, but His greatest possible glory. For this reason, the Church, in the prayer assigned for his Feast, sets it down as his distinguished mark, that God chose him to spread His greater glory.

MLA Citation