A Year with the Saints – 4 June


A little drop of simple obedience is worth a million times more than a whole vase full of the choicest contemplations. – Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi

We read of a holy nun who was one day enjoying the company of the Infant Jesus in her cell when she was sent for by the Superioress. Begging Him to wait for her, she went to obey the summons, and when she returned she found Him no longer an infant, but wearing the form of a full-grown youth. By this He intended to show her how much her prompt obedience had caused Him to grow spiritually in her heart in so short a time.

One day when Saint Frances of Rome was reciting the Office of the Blessed Virgin, she was interrupted four times while repeating a single antiphon by the voice of her husband calling her. Each time she answered promptly, and when she returned the fourth time she found the antiphon written in letters of gold.

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