A Year with the Saints – 4 July


God loves the simple and converses with them willingly and communicates to them the understanding of His truths, because He disposes of these at His pleasure. He does not deal thus with lofty and subtle spirits. – Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Vincent de Paul was of the same opinion, the truth of which, he said, experience daily confirms; for it is but too clear that the spirit of religion is not ordinarily to be found so much among the wise and prudent of the world as among the poor and simple, who are enriched by God with a living and practical faith, which makes them believe and appreciate the words of eternal life. So they are usually seen to suffer their diseases, their poverty and all their trials with more patience and resignation than others.

Saint Ambrose, in the funeral oration which he pronounced over his brother, Saint Satirus, greatly exalts among his other virtues his childlike simplicity, “which,” he says, “shone in him like a mirror, so that he could not have failed to please God; for He, as a completely simple being, loves what is simple, and hates and punishes all adulteration.”

It is related in regard to Saint Gertrude that the Lord once appeared to a holy soul and said, “Know that there is not a soul in the world which is nearer and more closely united to Me by simplicity, than that of Gertrude, and so there is none to which I feel Myself so much drawn as to hers.”

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