A Year with the Saints – 4 August


If man could see what reward he will have in the world above for well-doing, he would never employ his memory, understanding or will in anything but good works, without regarding at all what labor or trials he might experience in them. Saint Catherine of Genoa

Blessed Boniface, a Cistercian monk, once desired on a Christmas Eve to see the Holy Infant, and the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and placed Him in his arms. Then the Child raised a veil which covered His face, at sight of which the monk exclaimed in ecstasy: “If there were nothing in Paradise but this blessed face, would it not be worthwhile to suffer all the tribulations in the world, to gain a sight of it?”

For this reason, Saint Francis remained content in the midst of sufferings and said: “So great is the good which I expect, that every pain is a delight to me.”

A servant of God, after her death, appeared to another and told her that the felicity and glory to which God had brought her in Heaven for her good works was so great that if she could possess in addition only as much as is given for an Ave Maria well said, she would be contented to return to earth and suffer all sorts of trials to the day of judgment.

MLA Citation