A Year with the Saints – 4 April


The way is narrow. Whoever expects to walk in it with ease must go detached from all things, leaning on the staff of the Cross; that is firmly resolving to be willing to suffer in all things for love of God. – Saint John of the Cross

Taulerus relates that he knew a great servant of God who had many visions and revelations, and was acquainted with the interpretations of Scripture and the secrets of hearts. But becoming afraid that gifts of one sort might prove a hindrance to favors of another kind, and so prevent him from being loved by God, he earnestly besought the Lord to be pleased to take away from him every consolation; and he was heard. For five years in succession, he never had the slightest spiritual joy nor any celestial inspiration or illumination, but always led a life full of afflictions, temptations and spiritual aridity. Finally, the Lord was moved with pity at so much suffering, and one day sent two angels to console him a little. But he, contented in his sorrows, refused this consolation, and turning his heart to God said: “O Lord, I do not desire any pleasure in this world, nor do I wish that anyone should enter my heart save Thyself, O my Beloved! for it is enough consolation for me if Thy holy will be done in me.” This beautiful act of detachment pleased God so much that the Eternal Father proclaimed him His beloved child, in these words: Thou art My son, in whom I am well pleased.

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