A Year with the Saints – 30 May


To keep the soul continually in a state of gentle calm, it is necessary to perform every action as being done in the presence of God, and as if He Himself had ordained it. – Saint Francis de Sales

This is the reason why Saint John Berchmans performed all his actions so regularly and was so even-tempered on all occasions, without any alteration or perturbation. It was because he constantly enjoyed the Divine Presence, and was accustomed before beginning any action to plan it with God, and to remain in His sight while doing it.

When one of the Fathers of the Desert was asked how he contrived to lead a life so well-ordered and so perfectly even, he answered: “I keep my eyes always upon my guardian Angel, who stands ever at my side, assisting me in every work, teaching me in all circumstances what I have to say and do, and noting carefully everyone of my actions. Thence arise in me such fear and respect for him as make me ever attentive not to say or to do anything that can displease him.”

MLA Citation